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Aug 18, 2015
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One of the world leaders in electronic trading is looking to add a high-caliber software developer to its US team. We build and operate many of the world’s most efficient financial marketplaces, providing market participants with greater transparency and efficiency in fixed income and derivatives. Focused on applying technology to enhance efficiency throughout the trade lifecycle, we pioneered straight-through-processing in fixed income and now supports marketplaces for over 20 asset classes with electronic execution, processing, post-trade analysis and market data in an integrated workflow. Customers rely on us to drive the evolution of fixed income and derivatives through flexible trading architecture and more efficient, transparent markets


Description of position:

In this role you will work in a collaborative, creative and highly effective software development team responsible for the construction of enhancements to our global trading platform for fixed income and derivatives securities.  



  • Experience with the development of large and complex client-server or thin-client applications.

  • Software development experience in the trading, brokerage, or financial services industries



  • An ability to work as part of a small team with minimal supervision.

  • An ability to prioritize simultaneous work efforts and to report status to management.

  • Good communication skills and the ability to interact with non-technical team members



Must have:

  • Strong understanding of C++ programming models:  OO programming, generic programming using templates, C/C++ style memory/other resource management -- use of both C style raw pointers and higher level C++ abstractions (smart pointers, containers, etc).  This is absolute must.

  • Experience with STL is required.

  • Professional experience with large systems - multiple components each one hundreds of thousands of lines of code written over the course of a decade or more interacting with each other in non-trivial ways.

  • Experience with client/server and distributed computing.  Dealing with thin client GUI – server generated UI.  Understanding of transaction processing in this context is a big plus.

  • Good understanding of basic algorithms.

  • Knowledge and practical use of at least some design patterns.



  • Experience with scripting languages is a plus.  Preferably Perl (if it’s Python or Ruby or something like that, it’s OK too)

  • Solid grasp of relation database technology – table design, SQL, stored procs, multiple databases synchronization.  Microsoft SQL Server is preferred.

  • Understanding of Win32 API (sockets, IO completion ports, threading and file handling API, synchronization primitives)

  • Experience with concurrent programming in a multi-thread environment.

  • Experience with software configuration management tools.  CVS is preferred

  • Experience in Financial Services or strong desire to learn about business.